Master the Art of
Yoga Flow Sequencing

Himanshu Raj

Co-founder @ Hatha Yoga Institute
E-RYT 500 | YCB Level 3

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What to expect in this Masterclass ?


Check if you are doing Yoga in the right manner

Ensure proper form and alignment in your yoga practice with expert guidance and feedback.


What is the right Hatha Yoga sequence

Discover the optimal sequence for Hatha Yoga to enhance strength, flexibility, and inner balance.


Correct timing, duration and way of practicing Hatha Yoga.

Learn the ideal timing, duration, and methodology for practicing Hatha Yoga to maximize its benefits.


Learn new Hatha Yoga practices that you can add to your practice.

Expand your Hatha Yoga repertoire with new practices to enrich your existing routine and deepen your experience.


Elevate your Yoga Skills and expand Your opportunities.

Take your yoga career to new heights with our comprehensive workshop.

Who should Join?

Why should I do this ?

Art of Yoga sequencing

Crafting a seamless yoga flow is an art that balances physical postures, breathwork, and mindful transitions. In the "Art of Yoga Sequencing" workshop, you'll delve into the intricacies of sequencing with intention and intelligence.

Growth & Transformation

Gain invaluable insights into crafting sequences that inspire and empower, fostering both physical and spiritual evolution. Elevate your practice and teaching skills and embark on a transformative path.

Deepen Your Practice

understanding the intricacies of sequencing, you'll cultivate a more profound connection between breath, movement, and mindfulness. Elevate your practice to new heights

Key learning outcomes

craft effective sequences for various levels.

Elevate Your Practice with New Techniques.

Sequences with purpose for holistic well-being

Seamless transitions for fluid practice.

Answer to all queries with Yoga expert.

Evolve physically, mentally, and spiritually.

About Mentor

Yoga is a deep science to unite body, mind and soul into one.

With a transformational experience in his personal life, he chose to get trained in yogic knowledge and share everything he learnt with people. He left his sophisticated corporate job to become a channel to serve the society because he believes that he should be responsible for the society first than himself.

Himanshu Raj


Students Testimonials

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Aparna Desai

YCB Level 3 Yoga Teacher

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Vaishali Bagul

YCB Level 3 Yoga Teacher​

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Mamta Sirvi

YCB Level 3 Yoga Teacher

Nice to hatha yoga institute bcz this class is very interesting and amazing experience on face yoga.Teachers r very supportive & helpful to us.thak u so much😊
Joining Hatha Yoga Institute is one my best decisions. So happy for the guidence if the great gurus also the entire team support. Thank you Hatha Yoga Institute and the entire team for making a path for my career in this great pious way
Pinky Bhattacharjee
Pinky Bhattacharjee
I am lucky to have such gurus, like Anchal maam & Himanshu sir🙏, thanku so much for wonderful guidance. And thankful to 🙏 entire Hatha Yoga Institute Team😊
Vidushi Saxena
Vidushi Saxena
Get to go Institute, if you are looking to join Yoga Teacher Training Course now or in future. There should be no second thought to join as this is an authentic institute with best gurus one can get. The Entire Course program will be a journey for you if you join them. I really want to appreciate the efforts of the Mentors as how they guided us conceptually both practically & theoretically. The perks of joining this Institute instead of another is that they'll make you YCB ready, it's just like a crash course before appearing for YCB Exam. The Study Material they provides is all-in-one package. You don't need any other Resources to refer, theirs is more than enough. The Gurus will enlighten you throughout your Yoga learning Journey, whether it's Online or Offline. Joining Online course also feels like a offline one with Sir & Ma'am. I am thankful to the entire Team of Hatha Yoga Institute. Really Grateful 😇
gurvinder singh gugneja
gurvinder singh gugneja
Hi this Gurvinder I have joined hatha yoga institute in January 2024 batch it's been a amazing journey since then ,the course content is very satisfactory,the teachers are very friendly they have lot of depth in their knowledge ,best teachers I would say and wonderful administration,the course is well guided and best part is that they teach you with lot of dedication and bring the best out of you.i wish the gurus and other staff all the best for the future ,and i wish to join again for more course from the same institute ....thank you
Anuradha Vyas
Anuradha Vyas
Very good institute for Yoga teachings. Yoga teachers are extremely simple , knowledgeable , cooperative . When I started I was totally unaware about yoga and its benefits . After finishing this course , Now I can teach other people about yog sadhna in a very good manner. I recommend that Teacher training course from hath yoga institute is very helpful to students , university teachers and yoga knowledge seekers. Now I have started my journey to a new enlighten path . Thanks to my yoga Gurus.
Kaberi Mandal
Kaberi Mandal
It's very good.and teachers are so good and Kind.and very helpful.

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