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Aanchal Raj

Co-founder @ Hatha Yoga Institute
E-RYT 500 | YCB Level 4

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Easy Skin Care

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What to expect in this Masterclass ?


You will get to learn 30 min every day skin care routine

Participants will be guided through a series of face yoga exercises and techniques in real-time.


Step-by-step guidance on various face yoga exercises

Learn how specific exercises target different areas of the face for maximum effectiveness.


Incorporation of breathing and relaxation techniques.

Mindfulness is integral to the practice of face yoga, as they help to reduce stress and improve circulation.


Personalised Q&A session with the expert instructor.

Opportunity to ask questions and receive personalised guidance from the instructor.


Overview of our Face Yoga Certificate Course.

Introduction of Face yoga certificate course by expert faculty of Hatha Yoga Institute.

Achievement Unlock

Why do we need Face Yoga?

Natural Rejuvenation

Face yoga offers a holistic and non-invasive approach to rejuvenating the face. Unlike surgical procedures or injections, which can be costly and carry risks, face yoga relies on natural movements and exercises to tone and lift facial muscles. By regularly practicing these exercises.

Reduces Signs of Aging

One of the primary reasons people turn to face yoga is its ability to diminish the visible signs of aging. As we age, the muscles in our face weaken and lose elasticity, leading to sagging skin and the formation of wrinkles. Face yoga targets these specific muscles.

Improves Skin Health

Face yoga involves various exercises and massage techniques that stimulate blood circulation in the face. Improved circulation means better oxygen and nutrient delivery to the skin cells, promoting cellular regeneration and enhancing skin health.

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We are known to provide top quality education in Yoga. With great education comes great bonuses. 

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Key learning outcomes

Unlock natural techniques

Develop deeper self-confidence

Enhance facial health

Learn relaxation techniques

Q&A session with the expert

Introduction of certificate course

our Experts

Meet Your Mentor

Aanchal Raj

Co-founder - Hatha Yoga Institute

  • E-RYT 500, Yoga Alliance, USA
  • Level 4 Yoga Master and Evaluator, YCB
  • Yoga Siromani, The International Sivananda Yog Vedanta Centre
  • 350 Hours Yoga Teacher, Sri Sri School of Yoga

Jyotirmayee Dash

Faculty - Hatha Yoga Institute

  • Face Yoga Expert 
  • Level 3 Yoga Teacher and Evaluator, YCB
  • 1st Rank in Yoga Certification board exam 
  • 6+ years of experience in Yoga 

Students Testimonials

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Aparna Desai

YCB Level 3 Yoga Teacher

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Vaishali Bagul

YCB Level 3 Yoga Teacher​

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Mamta Sirvi

YCB Level 3 Yoga Teacher

Sahhil Shah
Sahhil Shah
I had the privilege of attending Hatha Yoga classes led by Anchal mam and Himanshu sir, and it was truly an exceptional experience. From the moment I stepped into their class, I felt an immediate sense of warmth and welcome. Their dedication to the practice of Hatha Yoga is evident in every aspect of their teaching. Anchal mam and Himanshu sir are not just instructors; they are passionate guides on a journey to inner peace and physical well-being. Their deep understanding of Hatha Yoga, combined with their patient and compassionate approach, creates an atmosphere of learning and growth. Throughout the classes, Anchal mam and Himanshu sir expertly guided us through a series of asanas, pranayama, and meditation techniques. Their clear instructions, attention to alignment, and emphasis on mindfulness made each session an opportunity to deepen our practice. What sets Anchal mam and Himanshu sir apart is their ability to tailor the classes to suit participants of all levels. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced yogi, they have a way of challenging you while ensuring that you always feel safe and supported. But it's not just about the physical postures. Anchal mam and Himanshu sir also impart valuable insights into the philosophy and holistic aspects of Hatha Yoga. Their wisdom extends beyond the mat, enriching your understanding of this ancient practice. I left their classes feeling not only physically invigorated but also mentally and spiritually renewed. Anchal mam and Himanshu sir have a genuine gift for creating an environment where self-discovery and self-care flourish. If you're seeking exceptional Hatha Yoga classes that are both transformative and nurturing, I wholeheartedly recommend Anchal mam and Himanshu sir as your guides on this beautiful journey towards balance, strength, and inner peace. Their classes are a true gem in the world of yoga instruction.
Ashutosh Tyagi
Ashutosh Tyagi
Wonderful experience... I am experiencing change in my sleep cycle since I joined this Institute. Looking forward to continue the same with the authentic trainers.
Jubin Sharma
Jubin Sharma
Authentic Yoga in Pune!
Sunita Thakur
Sunita Thakur
Thank you Anchal ma'am, Himanshu sir, Siddharth sir & Akash sir 🙏 It was a wonderful journey of four months... Learned lots of many things... Got a new view about of yoga.... Still many more things to learn Recently I had passed my YCB exam... N all credit goes to my teachers... Everything was very perfect in my course asans , pranayamas, kriyas, study materials & also business acumen lectures.. Highly recommend to all
Rayvant Gupta
Rayvant Gupta
Best yoga institute in Pan Card Club Road. They are very professional and caring for the students at the same time. Himanshu and Aanchal teach in a way which is very easy, relatable and authentic at the same time! Highly recommend. 😊
जबा निमसे
जबा निमसे
For anyone seeking yoga classes in Pune, Hatha Yoga Institute is the ultimate destination. The yoga courses they offer, whether for beginners or advanced practitioners, are exceptional😄.. I enrolled in their yoga instructor course and was thoroughly impressed with the curriculum and guidance...☺️
savita nimse
savita nimse
Enrolling in Hatha Yoga Institute's yoga courses was one of the best decisions I've made. The instructors' deep understanding and teaching methods are commendable. I took their advanced yoga class and was amazed by the results. If you're searching for a Pune-based institute offering top-tier yoga classes, including the renowned Yoga Instructor Course.
Vijay Sharma
Vijay Sharma
Himanshu and Aanchal have learnt from various ashrams and their knowledge has come from real authentic ashrams and teaching practices are an amazing mix of traditional and modern techniques. Love the vibe of their studio and I look forward to learn with them.
Yoga is all about being in balance and this course brought in balanced knowledge of both practical and theory elements! Enjoyed my journey and learned from experienced minds ever so grateful 🙏🏻

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